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A few lines to introduce myself.


Parisian native of Martinique, I started the battery self-taught at the age of 16 years. I then joined the drums at France Percussion Studio under the direction of Tony Saba who will train me for 2 years. At the same time I made my musical weapons by rubbing together groups of eclectic styles metal fusion, rock, but also reggae. One of these formations is going to be very important in my musical and human evolution "CLARISS", a french group of Rock.

At the mercy of my musical meetings it is from the years end 90 that I discover jazz. I participated in a jazz concert in Bourges with Daniel Bruno Garçia, Gilles Grignon, Jean Gobinet and a workshop hosted by Jean Marie Machado at the Conservatoire d'Ivry.

Thinking of new musical genres, I decided to make jazz my new playground. It was in 2000 that I joined the electro jungle jazz jazz jazz "MAH-JONG", with which I will perform in the Parisian hallsFleche D'Or, the Bastille Scene, the Satellite Café, or the Glazart. From my collaboration with MAH-JONG, will be born a first album, "Doki Doki" which will be awarded in 2003, the 1st prize Paris young Talents, Adami Discovery prize, 2nd prize Cité Chanson Le Mans. The adventure will lead us to the scenes of several festivals such as the Spring Festival of Bourges, the Solidays, the FestivalPrague and Budapest.

In 2005 I took part in the project "THIRDSHOT", an electro soul jazz combo, with which I assured the first part of the American pianist Carla Bley at the Enghien jazz festival, as well as featuring with the singer Sandra Nkaké.
The group will be awarded the Sacem Prize in 2006.

In 2008, I joined the medium band "VROUM", distilling a jazz-groove shifted to influence of Steve Coleman. From this collaboration will be born a self produced album released in 2010 and several dates in festivals, such as "Jazz in Porquerolles".

2012 will see other collaborations, will lead, with AFRO LATIN VINTAGE ORCHESTRA, to the recording of the 2 LP albums Odysseyet Pulsion distributed by label US UBIQUITY.
In May 2017 a new double album named Impact was released on the label OFFICEHOME RECORDS.

Since 2 years, I have set up a repertory to play my own compositions, I have created a contemporary Jazz Quartet

MAX HARTOCK 4TET with musicians from very different backgrounds having in common the taste of musicality and improvisation .

I have played with Matthew Garrisson, Bruno Wilhelm, Geraldine Laurent, Sylvain Cathala, Pierre Durand, Peter Corser, Yoni Zelnik, Manu Codjia, Jérôme Rateau, Sebastien Jarrousse, Jean Marie Ricardo Izquierdo, Bertrand Béruard, Tam de Villers, Karsten Hopchatel, Joel Leandre, Prabou Edouard, Dsiz, Fantasio, Olivier Laisney, Hubert Dupont, Pierre Olivier Govin, Jérôme Barde, Densio, Sandra Nkake, Joby Smith, Pascal Mulot, Olivier Sens, Yonathan Avishai.


Some festivals and concert halls in which I played:
The Triton, New Morning, Pantin's Dynamo, Sunset Sunside, Salted Kiss, House of Japan, Satelite Café, Glaz'art
The Smalls, The Fat Cat, The Why Not Jazz, The Shapeshifter (New York). Festival Primeur de Massy, ​​Solidays, Spring Festival of Bourges, Jazz Festival in Porquerolles, Festival Jazz Enghien, Festival in Prague and Budapest.





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