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Max Hartock Quartet

J a z z  c o n t e m p o r a i n

Bertrand Béruard
Max Hartock
Richard Turégano

Max Hartock batterie composition,  Bertrand Beruard contrebasseVirgile Lefebvre tenor saxophone, Richard Turegano piano 


The "Max Hartock Quartet" was founded in January 2016. Having increased the artistic collaborations that led to improvised music, drummer and composer Max Hartock wished to embody his own tracks to share tunes with Each one illustrates a personal as well as a musical path.

Rocked at an early age by the Caribbean music of his father - kompa, gwoka, mazurka, bèlè - he dyed his music of this cultural heritage. These sounds have subsequently espoused the contours of other musical countries, pop, rock, French chanson but also, to the sources of jazz, those of improvised music.


A drummer with the composition, the musicality of an inner song


"West Indies", "A mon Père" or "Espoir", the quartet escaped the edge of a modern jazz, guided primarily by the melody, because only premium musicality, solar, trustful, sincere. An iteration led by talented musicians, great travelers of this inner song, now open to all.

For his touch Richard Turegano brings piano lyricism and harmonic colors, mixed with sweet and poetic sound of the tenor saxophonist Virgile Lefebvre, supported by bass incisive singing and rhythmic Bertrand Beruard, echoing the organic accents battery Max Hartock whose compositions draw a common but unique voice, excuse exploration inviting everyone to develop a musical and melodic speech.

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