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Graduate of the DE Jazz / Current Music, I teach the drums:

Conservatory of Noisy-Le-Grand, I teach there the battery in individual course. A Music Project
Argentines is made up around a classical orchestra of haubois with pupils in drums for a concert performance at the Georges Wilowsky multimedia library.


Conservatory of Fosses in which I run a current music workshop. I have the opportunity to accompany practice for amateur or semi pro group, Rap, Hip Hop in Espace Germinal 95. I finally animate a musical awakening workshop with children under 3 years in a nursery.


House of Music and Dance of Bagneux, where besides my classes of drums, I participated a project called "Môme Jazz" with the children of the school of Bagneux. We played with
A choir of children accompanied by the musicians and professors of Bagneux and Malakoff (myself). Several shows were held at Espace Léo Ferret in Bagneux.


Conservatory of Chatillon

More punctually, I also give private drum lessons, on Paris at Studio LunaRossa
and at Studio HBS.














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